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Sunday School Training DVD

Sunday School Training DVD

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The Sunday School is one of the helps described in the New Testament. Sunday School was officially adopted by the General Assembly in 1906, and in the 1928 Assembly, General Overseer A.J. Tomlinson designated the auxiliaries as helping "to lighten the burden and lessen the load." He explained, "These helps, and governments are set in the Church to promote the interests of the Church when in operations... as governments within the government." Since the Sunday School department is critical to a local church, let's examine its purpose: Reach, Teach, and Train. Its functions include evangelism, training and instruction in the church setting, and community outreach through ministry to shut-ins, shut-outs, nursing facilities, children, prisons, and other situations where people cannot attend church services. Sunday School should be led by the Holy Ghost – exciting, informative, and welcoming!

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