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Highlights from the Solemn Assembly

Highlights from the Solemn Assembly

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"Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly..." (Joel 2:15).  "...the Lord Jesus; I, the Head of the Church... I call for a Solemn Assembly. The seventh month I call for a Solemn Assembly" (Holy Ghost Message & Interpretation, April 25, 1993, South Cleveland Church).

On July 23-25, 1993, God-fearing saints heeded this call of God to gather for a time of fasting and praying for the future of The Church of God. Hearing their petitions, God favored His people and brought out a remnant who were willing to hold true to His doctrine and government.

This two-disc DVD set includes over six hours of highlights from this meeting with God. Also included are the minutes from this gathering of God's people.

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