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Reflections No. 2: Soldiers of the Cross

Reflections No. 2: Soldiers of the Cross

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An Englishman named Augustine Birrell tells of traveling through what was, at that time, "the wild, remote parts of Lancashire." According to his words, the people were very belligerent and heavy drinkers, etc. But when Birrell visited them, he found them to be temperate, kind, and hospitable. So he asked a local miner, "How did this great change happen?" Tipping his cap solemnly as a token of respect, the worker replied, "There came a man amongst us once, and his name was John Wesley!" The testimony of one man had changed an entire community.

This book is about the lives and works of five men who let their light shine in their respective fields of labor for the Master. Many can say that their lives have been enriched because there came among them men named J.R. Kinser, R.O. Covey, T.J. Lowe, John L. Sullivan, and J.P. Sullivan.

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