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Is Russia in Bible Prophecy?

Is Russia in Bible Prophecy?

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An April 2022 article by The Jerusalem Post records that forty percent of Americans see some prophetic significance to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This number is much higher among evangelical Christians.

Bishop Robert J. Pruitt, a former General Overseer of The Church of God, wrote in his book The City of God, “Just prior to the time that the world leader from the Mediterranean nations... rises to power and is recognized as the Beast, there is an ominous prophecy by the prophet Ezekiel which deals with a northern power (Gog and Magog), which from scriptural definition is Russia and those allied with her.”

This six-session series, taught by Communications Minister E. Roger Ammons, covers additional topics such as Gog and Magog, the scattering and regathering of Israel, and the last great conflict.

This DVD is the second in the Ready Answers for Bible Questions series.

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