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Iron Sharpens Iron - Hat

Iron Sharpens Iron - Hat

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Sharpen those around you in this handsome “Iron Sharpens Iron” Cap by Kerusso® in Black & Grey Tweed. We make each other better every day by calling out the best in the people around us, praying with and for them, and supporting each other on the journey. Challenge the guys in your life to rise above lesser things and join you in taking up the cross.

In the presence of other Christian believers, God helps our friends to mold our character and encourage us to make right choices. We’re shaped by the company we keep, and it’s God’s will that we surround ourselves with fellow believers in addition to reaching out to those who haven’t met Him yet.

This classic cap is an easy way to strike up a conversation about Jesus. You’ve chosen the life-changing path of following the Lord, and He calls you to share the invitation with others, too.

Kerusso® Men's Cap - Iron Sharpens Iron™

  • Color: Black/Grey
  • 100% Cotton Tweed front
  • 100% Polyester mesh back
  • One size fits most
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