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And Then Shall the End Come

And Then Shall the End Come

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The religious world focuses much of its attention on matters involving the world's end. To most Christian believers, the next major event of world change will be the rapture of the saints. There is very little dispute about the fact of this event because it is treated very definitely in the Scriptures, which most believers accept as valid and authoritative. The time, and the condition of the Church at the time of the event, could stand some minute scrutiny. There is also a significant divergence of belief concerning the identity and definition of the Body of Christ. A scriptural identity and description of this Body will also help a great deal in understanding the events in which it is involved. Knowing the nature of the work of the Church will determine how one looks at the circumstances in which it is engaged before the rapture takes place. This book is about some of the happenings that must transpire before Christ returns for the Church and things that most writers on escatology completely ignore.

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