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ABM Workshop: Basic Training DVD

ABM Workshop: Basic Training DVD

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This DVD lesson series will equip you and your local church with a foundational understanding for how to implement and operate the Assembly Band Movement.  Through this workbook and disc combination set, you will receive information that will be both helpful and inspiring as you prepare to launch your local bands to new spiritual depths.  It is our prayer that God will instill a zeal within you to work as He uses you to build His Kingdom and His Church. This six-lesson series includes the following topics:  "A Daily Offering", "The Worth of a Soul,"  "The Role of the Pastor", "The Role of the Band Leader", "The Road to Emmaus", and "Divine Forgiveness".  Classes were recorded in Cleveland, Tennessee at the Zion Hill Church and International Offices facilities. Additionally, a bonus disc containing three sermons preached during the ABM Crusade in Cleveland, Tennessee is included.  Topics include: "Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself", "Wonderful Peace: Victory Over the Stresses of Life", and "The Assembly Band Movement".

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